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Happiness. its amid our ears! - happiness


Happiness is a touch we all seek, yet few of us find

-Some explore for it an acquiring cloth possessions

-Some exploration for it in experiencing affable sensations

-Some examination for it in in the hunt for the appreciation of others

-Some hunt for it in the exercising of power

-Some examination for it in the love of money

-Some examination for it in the quest for success

Yes, Happiness is a little we all seek, and yet for most it is amazing that comes, then slips away, to be at all times just out of reach. Why? Is life certainly unfair? Aren't we meant to be happy? Are we being punished?

The attractive thing is that all these ways that citizens explore for happiness, and the questions they ask when they don't find it, have one thing in common.

They are all Beyond ourselves. Sadly, most ancestors are looking in the wrong places, and asking the wrong questions.

The truth is that Happiness is amazing that comes from in us. One night, annoying to convey my thoughts, I sat and wrote these words. . .


We'll never find true Happiness
In more and larger Things,
In pleasures sought after exterior ourselves;
In money, cars or rings

For Happiness is a state of mind-
We can opt for happy years,
When we take charge of our Attitude,
And the belief amid our ears.

I know, as a poet I make a good athlete! But if my words are deficient to convey the meaning, it is no less important. Read, savor and write down, these attractive words from Charles Spurgeon.

"It is not how much we have, But how much we enjoy, That makes happiness. "

John Payne has lived an appealing life, and overcome many evils with a customary sense, activist line and joy for life.

He is the Break down of the fast-growing business, Enviro-Friendly Products.


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