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The difficulty of being a good character can at times mean sacrificing your own happiness.

You may have been raised to be a good boy or girl; optimistic to be a good worker, to be a good parent; to be a good friend; to be a good citizen? And I'm not aphorism that this is wrong; what questioning the property of this on our characteristic happiness and the bang on our country.

Are we befitting happier more fulfilled citizens by being "good" or are we just a group of colonize banner nowhere but where we're told?

If we carry on to be good workers, will this ever allow us to do our full ability as human beings? If we carry on to be good-parents, shielding our brood when it is safe to authorize them, will they grow to be all they can be? If we continuous to be good friends, by sheltering our companions from the truth, will they ever get the in sequence that is vital to their well-being? And if we carry on to be good citizens who go along with what were told and are happy to leave the issues in the hands of the 'higher' establishment will we ever live alongside one another, full of love and compliant of our differences?

What does "good" mean anyway? In the "good old days," good plainly meant, "good!" But today good often means "average" or "normal": about half-way amid the whole lot and nil - on the central point among life and death? one thing miss judged and out of kilter and rapidly we're on the wrong side of life.

"Good" is also often about appropriate in with the set of parameters set up by the associates we ally with. This often involves bountiful pre-programmed responses to desires or behaving in an predictable way - like effective your brood not to do a touch at your parents home when you would allow them to do it at home or staying after an extra hour or two at work as of the targets set by the boss. But the issue goes deeper?

Being good, or be around or normal, involves subsequent the pack. Business the food advertisers tell us is good for us, even when it is laced with sugar, salt and hydrogenated oils that we know are bad for us. Being common involves compelling drugs for minor illnesses when our bodies break down even when we know our body often takes longer to deal with the drugs side-effects than the opening symptoms. We accept as true what we are told in the press devoid of bothering to distrust the force of a announcement and the motivation of the colonize forceful us. Blindly we follow.

We call colonize astonishing and odd when they try to avoid the pack. My son freshly asked, 'Why do we have to be weird?' The ask comes out of air assorted to others and for a minute it hit me with a tinge of despondency until I remembered why we are "weird":

We're weird for the reason that we adhere to our dreams. We're weird since we eat well, apply regularly, by a hair's breadth get ill and delve into as much as we can about belongings that distress our lives.

I ask you this: which is weirder - next the pack of "good" even when it is homicide you or doing what gives you life and hope?

Neil Millar, formally medically obese, trapped up in the rat-race and distress from depression would love to share his experiences with you in the hope they help you make your life better.

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