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Happiest being in america: whats sex got to do with it? - happiness


Who is the happiest character in America? USA Today featured Happiest Character in a cover story in its USA Weekend magazine. Bad news: it's not you. Nor is it me.

Just how did they find Happiest Character and agree on that he is as a matter of fact the happiest being in America? The USA Today examination team appears to have used an pleasingly down-to-earth three-step process.

First, they identified "the world's foremost board on happiness", Martin Seligman . . . which must have come as a wee bit of a amazement to numerous of his in the same way well-known and evenly well-respected peers. How they selected Seligman corpse more of a mystery than how a land-locked homeland of mountains and yodeling became home to the holy grail of yachting, but we are effective agitatedly to crack the code.

Next, they asked Seligman to name six main beliefs of happiness. Seligman scheduled combine strengths, a win-win approach, savoring success, in performance to one's strengths, break doors to break and conclusion denotation in life.

Finally, they useful Seligman's doctrine to ascertain who best matches them. Naawww, just kidding. That would make way too much sense. Instead, USA Today fashioned a make-believe administer of its own that stands out from Seligman's list like the Jolly Green Giant at a dwarf convention. Here is the USA Today process.

Geography. It seems that Happiest Being must live in the best place to live, which is Virginia Beach, in case you didn't know. If a bigwig even happier than Happiest Character lives in San Francisco or Vermont, the USA Today do research team does not want to know.

Why confine their exploration to one town? Could geography be the classified to happiness that Seligman botched to mention? True, do research does show that associates existing in free societies tend to be happier than others, but there is no corroborate that where you live in the free world makes a difference.

Sex. Women are prone to elevated emotional highs and lower emotional lows, where men are prone to more continual emotions. So Happiest Anyone must be a man, concludes USA Today. While the skill does hit the bull's eye, the closing stages misses the barn wall. I consider they'll be effective us that Seattle is the sunniest spot in America since the become rough fluctuates less than in The Sunshine State.

Family. Happiest Character is married, has children, and is healthy. Colonize with intimate relationships do tend to be happier, and nuptials is a equally good indicator (especially for men). And shape is important. These may not be among Seligman's six principles, but let's not argue aligned with good health.

Money. Happiest being has a "good, faithful job" as a stockbroker, a 2,300 agree foot house (with an eat-in kitchen and a deck!). The truth comes out - money does buy happiness, according to the USA Today examine team.

In fact, studies show that money makes a differentiation only if it elevates a character above the poverty level. When a character has means a sufficient amount not to struggle for basic necessities, money not often buys happiness.

Brand-awareness. This one must have made the big ad bureau tycoons drool in their Corn Flakes. Happiest Being is for real since he likes all the right brands! He "digs" Coca-cola, so he must be the real thing. And he loves Craftsman tools and Dell computers. Say no more.

Where does the USA Weekend expos leave the rest of us? If you are a diminutive old lady enjoying retirement in Atlanta or a learner celebratory new fields of acquaintance in Ann Arbor, you noticeably are not happy an adequate amount of for USA Today. But cheer up, even The Happy Guy eats "donuts" considerably than "Krispy Kremes".

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