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It costs nobody to smile - happiness


I like to be about activist people, colonize who tend to be happy, who look on the brainy side of life. Far too many associates walk about in what seems like a depressed state. Come on people, it costs nobody to smile.

I must admit, I used to be one of the ones who walked about in a depressed state. I had many equipment on my mind, many clothes I was not happy with, I used to feel so sorry for myself. Even when I write about it now, I laugh about how pathetic I used to be.

Things were about to adjustment however. At the time a new member of staff attached the business where I worked, his name was Stuart. Now this may seem cruel but Stuart did not have a lot going for him. I won't go into fine points but lets just say I did not feel jealous of his life. I became quite good contacts with Stuart and we would go to lunch together. I would meet him in the commons at 1pm and would be ahead of you in my dim state of mind for him to arrive. Appear he certianly did, constantly with a joyful smile on his face. We would sit down and talk at the same time as drinking our lunch and he never had a depressing word to say. When he talked, he talked with passion, about sports and films. One day it dawned on me, if Stuart (who from what I know of him, seemingly has nothing) can continually be positive, happy and smiling, why can't I?

This was the creation of a new era in my life. An era of being positive, appreciating what I have got and more than whatever thing else, a load of smiles.

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