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Our use of body pose plays a key role in how we feel. When we are affection "down", our bodies show this by hunching the shoulders, we stare at the floor, our heads hang forward. When we are seated we tend to be baggy instead than relaxed. Our walk is more of a shuffle, address is slow and quiet.

Compare this to how we feel when on an "up". Shoulders back, eyes forward, head held high and so on.

Do the subsequent application physically and announcement the change amid the two stances.

Firstly, stand up. Think of manually as an actor who has been asked to portray a being who is ambiance dejected and sad. How would you stand? You would have all the brute positions as described above:-

Hunched shoulders,

staring at the floor,

head dropped forward,

arms lynching droopily by your side,

back curved,

shallow breathing,

facial air lifeless.

How do you feel? Awful, probably!

Now, adjustment your position. The actor has now been asked to play a big shot that is full of confidence and happy. Again, how would you stand?

Shoulders back,

looking forward,

head held up,

arms advance as if contribution a hug,

back straight,

deep breathing,

smiling face.

How do you feel now? That's different, eh!

Simply be shifting the way we use our bodies consequentially has the achieve of altering the way we feel. Even if we have a frank analyze for air unhappy, we can condense the brunt on our emotions by standing, walking, meeting and conversation in a more convinced manner.

Another constructive approach for raising your self confidence and shifting your mood is to smile.

Even just by putting a smile on to our face can be effective. Not only does it send a "happy" communication to our brains, it also sends out a hint of confidence to others. This in turn will create a more convivial reaction from the colonize with whom you come into contact. We all answer back at some level to a smile aimed at at us. It feels good to us and it feels good to the character conveyance it.

Notice the way you use your body attitude and start active using it to better the way you feel. Be aware of the times when you are not ambiance the way you would like and how you are using your body. And, as you befall more competent at it, start enjoying the advance feelings that it generates.

Allan Cowley is a Life Coach operational on a one-to-one basis with clients all through the world. He provides online life schooling via his website. You can acquaintance him at http://www. uk-success-coach. com/


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