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Give a Hug for Happiness

Hugs have a long and moral tradition, going back to the day the caveman first squeezed his wife and naked that no ketchup squeezed out. Since then, he found that his wife makes an breathtaking teddy bear, and he can constantly squeeze a rhinoceros when he wants ketchup for his hotdog (which gave him the crucial motivation to go hunting when his wife asked him to).

No Happiness Lacking Patience

I'm pointed for avant-garde happiness. The old-fashioned kind takes just too long.

Three Inspirations for Happiness

The next three inspirations were adapted from A Daily Dose of Happiness, and they characterize three key ways to augment our happiness.1.

A Bad Hairdresser Day

"Hey everybody!" Hairdresser Lady called out. "It's The Happy Guy.

The Year Of Happiness

I have categorical to affirm 2004 as the YEAR OF HAPPINESS for me. What about you? Yes, you can also do so! Any person breathing in any part of the world has the right to be happy and enjoy every minute of his/her life.

The Art Of Happy Living

What do you think about happiness? A philosophical accost to life; an intellectual bustle or an academical pursuit. No, not at all, nil of the sort.

Boosting Your Hit with Six Easy Happiness Tips

In what areas of your life would you like to complete bigger success? State-of-mind (attitude towards life and work) categorically affects your act and your outcomes. Colonize who stay in jobs they hate, or relationships and situations in which they are constantly depressed are not only gone out on the joy life has to offer, but are factually putting their healthiness at risk at the same time.

Life Management Skills for Larger Happiness

"Circumstances are the rulers of the weak; they are but the instruments of the wise." -Samuel LoverOne of the most communal complaints citizens have these days is that their plate is fuller than full.

What is Happiness and How to Attain It?

True happiness is such a rare commodity that the whole of the world is always in quest of it and deteriorating to find it. All the people, who we be concerned about to be the best in their fields, are in quest of it too and fault to attain it.

How To Be subjected to A Richer, Deeper, And Fuller Life

When we desire to move away from the boundaries of the ego, we decide on to step into a atypical world. We find ourselves above the matrix of conceived causality, alive on a exclusive plane of experience.

If You Can Dream It you Can Do It!

Confuscious, the Chinese Philospher is quoted as axiom : "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember.

You are Where You are Since You Certain to be There

The decisions we make everyday have a big bang on where we are in life, both mentally and physically. Often these decisions are the 'safe' choices.

Happiness Is A State Of Mind, Im Happy... I Think!

You have the power to be a focus for and repel no matter which in life you want! It's all in your hands. Contentment, happiness, and joy are right about the corner.

Choose Happiness

It's a charming bound day in Beverly Hills, California. I'm looking out my display at elm trees in full leaf and roses in full bloom, and idea about the ancestors who helped me get where I am today.

Happiest Character In America: Whats Sex Got To Do With It?

Who is the happiest anyone in America? USA Today featured Happiest Being in a cover story in its USA Weekend magazine. Bad news: it's not you.

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